IPP Global | Innovative Power Partnerships

We provide sustainable energy solutions to users
across the world.

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IPP Global | Innovative Power Partnerships

Our partners are at the forefront of
In different areas of the energy space

Wind Power| Solar Power | Compressed Natural Gas | Energy Storage and a plethora of other clean energy generation solutions.
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IPP Global | Innovative Power Partnerships

We use innovative partnerships to satisfy lifestyle
needs for our discerning customers all over the world.

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about IPP Global & What we do

IPP Global is a New technology company with a focus on innovative ways of harnessing renewable energy.
Our objective is to provide sustainable energy solutions throughout the globe.

  We are deeply invested in ensuring that we light up the world, by providing alternative but sustainable energy solutions to our clients. We leverage our unique relationships to provide best in class solutions for our unique customers in a manner that reduces their carbon footprint, has minimal negative impact on the environment, is sustainable and ultimately, economical over the long term.

IPP Global | Innovative Power Partnerships

Some of Our Solutions

Wind power | Solar power | Compressed natural gas | Energy Storage

Our sustainable energy solutions are designed to meet your present requirements without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their energy needs. All our solutions either provide cleaner methods of producing energy or unique energy conservation options.

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Our wind power generation projects are scalable. From Mid-sized wind turbines focused on mid-size power ranges, and suitable for rural electrification to large scale projects. We offer full value service to ensure complete performance of the equipment through its designed life cycle.

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We offer Hybrid solutions to ensure seamless power generation from Mid-sized solar power generating plants for mini and off- grids, to Residential Power Solutions. We harness the power of the sun.

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Our energy storage systems ensure that excess or unused power generated is effectively stored for use on demand by our customers. Our infrastructure ensures that our solutions are scalable for the client and optimally utilize all available options to ensure cost savings in the long run

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IPP Global is a provider of Virtual pipeline technology which helps companies address their flare reduction ambitions. We provide Flare to power solutions, ensuring flared gas is processed through our modular compressed natural gas plant and fed as fuel to the power plant. We also guarantee a steady supply of compressed natural gas to users all over the world.

We represent providers of innovative energy storage and transmission solutions

Advantages of our solutions:
  • 1. They are modular, efficient, easy to deploy and easy to operate.
  • 2. Our solutions are scalable
  • 3. Our solutions lower end-user carbon footprint.

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To find out how we can provide our unique energy solutions for you, contact us at info@ippgbl.com

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